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May 16, 2014 10:30am PDT
the rapid transformation of their country. >> two parents, one child. a typical chinese family. zhao wen-hua is 50. for years, she worked as an executive assistant at a real-estate company. now, she's enjoying her retirement. her husband, chen bin, works in the radiology department of a beijing hospital. the couple's 20-year-old daughter bei-bei is studying chemistry. this family belongs to china's increasingly wealthy middle class. >> our generation was fortunate to be born in the 1960's. we grew up as china was launching major reforms. then there was the economic boom. when we graduated from university, there were lots of good jobs. the cost of living was still low. and we were able to lead the kind of life we wanted. for zhao's mother, wei shu-qin. she's 83 and has raised four children. her generation survived japanese occupation, civil war, and a harsh life under mao ze-dong. she likes to exercise in a nearby park. when she's up to it, she joins the tai-chi group. high-rise apartment building in 2004. her new home even has central heating. wei worked in the textile industry, and she
Al Jazeera America
May 20, 2014 1:30pm EDT
of desperation. zhao zufa doubts he will find a wife. he is 45 years old, and lives at home to care for his widowed mother. his brother is also unmarried, and has moved away to find work. zhao fears he will likely spend the rest of his days a bachelor, tilling fields of corn and chinese cabbage. >> "my conditions do not allow me to go out to earn money, so i can't find a wife and do not have any children yet. and my family still lives in deep poverty." most single women have left the village in search of better- paying jobs in the cities. some men have left too, but many like zhao stay behind, fulfilling an obligation to tend to parents and property. "all the young girls have left home and work in shoe factories in zhejiang province so that they can send money home. they discover that place is better than our village so they get married there. -and don't come back. even when their parents are dying, they will only send back money and not come to say farewell." zhao says marriage in his village comes for a price. "if you want to marry a wife here, you have to prepare need about ei
May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
context what do you cope with conical unknown reason. zhao is a claim for a master of fine arts in the united states she says she wants to go as far as possible. i don't need to practice the hours compared to her classmates in this exercise room just as the dancing is her big off despite had to dance in the dark she hopes that she can't swallow in one minute that passed for a brighter light and future. was not the gt changing it's pretty amazing also inspirational but no matter your disability she's still going for drinks and that'll do it. this news update here in beijing. thank you so much for joining us i'm pretty stable. see you again without him . the total opie was to market. from nigeria. kristen bids come in for democracy. come to put them all. krista was formed in my stomach to warn us it is often depicted the sheep in my cube. i do i assume you mean it to science. a musical we met our ice for students in the seat to force forms the country where i come from. we may be in this piece in last week's tasks assignments. so when i was was called to be cooked all of sudden t
May 6, 2014 8:00pm PDT
it later zhao a new. methinks i've been wanting. he has endured a bed and watch the rt america. an important announcement came from the house judiciary committee this week which plans to advance an insane reform legislation known as the us the freedom act the bill was introduced in response to the disclosure of the nsa sample data collection activities by edward snow and it includes provisions that would put an end to the nsa is call records program and the agency's ability to search its own database for american men and data privacy advocates have praised the legislation as a good first step for bringing in the spy agency. kelly a statement issued monday night judiciary chairman james sensenbrenner said his committee will mark up the usa freedom act on wednesday and hold a vote to pass it out of committee. but there could be a catch our teeth and sax reports. it was nearly ten months ago when republicans and democrats join together in the house of representatives. then came just a few votes shy of de funding of the city's ball collection of americans call records. since then t
May 9, 2014 6:00pm PDT
seis meses tengan el derecho a esta audiencia.... jenny zhao/abogada aclu 31:30 esta audiencia es muy importante para cada persona porqeu es la unica oportunidad de ir ante un juez y demostrar que no es un peligro que no va a huir y que no hay ninguna razon debe estar detenido 31:41 jorge alberto tenia una orden previa de deportacion, aun asi dicen deberian concedersela 29:31 pero nosotros en la aclu creemos que toda persona en cualquier situacion si merecen el chance de ir ante un juez y pedir su libertad 29:38 30:43 hay muchas personas que no presentan una amenaza para la seguridad publica y no hay ninguna razon que deben estar en detencion 30:51 la union dice que continua trabajando para que las cortes apliquen el fallo del ano pasado a todo tipo de casos....mientr as tanto.... 21:07 cuanto falta me hace cuanto dolor me ha causado la separacion de mi hijo 21:13 madres como uberlinda tendran que seguir esperando. 21:30 si yo pudiera yo me entregaria por el para que mi hijo fuera libre 21:34 21:13 lo mismo le diria al senor presidente que tenga compasion de las madres que juntamente
May 9, 2014 11:00pm PDT
tengan el derecho a esta audiencia.... jenny zhao/abogada aclu 31:30 esta audiencia es muy importante para cada persona porqeu es la unica oportunidad de ir ante un juez y demostrar que no es un peligro que no va a huir y que no hay ninguna razon debe estar 21:13 lo mismo le diria al senor presidente que tenga compasion ---esta tarde se realiz una ceremonia muy especial para ---esta tarde se realiz una ceremonia muy especial para un grupo de estudiantes "soÑadores"... blanca ---el grupo de jovenes particip en una ceremonia de graduacion en el "city college" de san francisco... roll open under ...donde se destac su compromiso para superarse en este pais. take 2 box ---katherine orozco, nos habla de sus suenos y esperanzas para el futuro... adelante. katherine uno a uno, los nombres de los 22 estudiantes indocumentos se escucharon en el salon lleno de familiares y amigos orgullosos de ver a los jovenes recibir el diploma que los lleva un paso mas cerca de sus sueÑos. 0.03 0.13 0.39 1.00 1.35 pkg nats... vo sonrisas como esta demostraron hoy que los obstaculos no han opacado la felicid
May 15, 2014 5:00pm PDT
>> : latest agile draw report shows the entire state is and experiencing severe or worsen zhao >> : looked at a shows you what's going on here this week assessment released today it shows a quarter of the state is in the condition of exceptional drought you can see that here more than half of the rest of california including the bay area is an extreme drought as you see here >> : no significant rain of course expect a great time soon at the federal deficit occurred beyer is as a taste of what's to come for california and other hot day in the bay area note with a close eye and look at high temperatures from st. 97 degrees a liberal or 95 minutes yack 96 out of their field and in nappa d 9 in san jose 91 in sunnyvale 92 in redwood city it was a lot cooler the coastline tempters back in the '70s and in the space for lens back in the eighties >> : look at change over the past 44 hours the biggest change occurring of coastline and for a bay shore 14 degrees cooler in daly city today and degrees in downtown the onset is seven degrees cooler in richmond oakland and hayward. the cynical and with l
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)